Do you want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?

(For you, for your student away at college, for the food shelf, or for anyone else...)




My name is Briella, I am in 6th grade, and I live in Minnesota. This year, I am selling Girl Scout cookies! It is tough during the pandemic, so I am doing mostly online sales.


Boxes Sold: 927

Boxes Goal: 1000

Favorite cookie: Carmel deLite

I have currently sold 927 boxes of cookies. By April 2nd (end of cookie selling season), I would like to reach 1000 total boxes sold. At first that sounds like an ambitious goal, but I believe I can reach it! The only thing I need is your help, I need you to buy! Another thing you can do to help is to contact your family and friends and ask if they want to buy (or donate via the same link)! Oh, and you have to try the Carmel deLites (AKA Samoas). They taste so sweet and yummy; my favorite!